Zoosk.com: Reviews


Zoosk is the romantic social network that helps members create and share their romantic journeys, with millions of members from around the globe enjoying the service each month.

Finding Your Match

Zoosk.com uses questionaire to find your ideal match. In addition, on Zoosk.com you can connect with potential matches via chat and IM.


Zoosk.com ranks 3rd for the number of monthly unique visitors. While Zoosk.com has 12,000,000 unique visitors, the average dating website only has 77,000 unique visitors per month. In total, Zoosk.com receives 63,000,000 visits each month.


Zoosk.com has among the highest percentage of female users among all dating websites, with women constituting approximately 66% of the subscribers.


Zoosk.com has a monthly fee of $29, which is which is 81% more expensive than the average dating website.

Countries Served

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Various, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain

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